How do chiropractic adjustments help?

Adjustments help by re aligning the spine and by providing mobility to fixated (stuck) joints. The increased mobility allows increased fluid in the joint space which improves cushioning, motion and decreased inflammation. The “pop” sometimes heard with an adjustment is due to a vacuum that is created when joints are separated slightly. It is harmless and means that good movement has been attained.

Does my insurance cover therapy/chiropractic?

Most major insurances cover both chiropractic and physical therapy services. Each plan is obviously different but is a very cost effective treatment as compared to much more expensive interventions such as surgery or an MRI.

How can physical therapy help chronic problems like arthritis?

Most chronic issues affect your ability to move and how effective those movements ultimately. With physical therapy we will address any motion restrictions and strength/stability deficits and provide corrective exercises, stretches, mobilizations to address those issues. The stronger and more flexible you are the less pain and stiffness you will have.

I have had back pain for years, there is nothing you can do for that right?

We treat chronic back pain all the time and are highly effective at relieving both the pain and motion restrictions. Just because you have had an issue for a long time does not mean in any way that you can’t improve it.

How long does it take for you to recover from an injury?

The natural inflammatory process takes at least 14 days to cease. Most injuries require 4-6 weeks to recover from and can take up to a year total for complete remodeling (we expect most recovery happens in the first 3 months after an injury occurs, think 80-90% better in that timeframe).

Why does it hurt more to sit than stand?

With many patients their major issue is not having pain with movement, it’s when they aren’t moving that they hurt. The main reason for this is that the body requires movement to “feed” its tissues. For instance the disc material in the back is like a sponge and frequent needs to be compressed and then “relaxed” to get the proper nutrition for healing.

Why do I become more “stiff” as I age?

All synovial joints require water to remain flexible. As we age we slowly lose fluid (desiccation) in each of those joints which then leads to joint stiffness. Basically we start to dry out and require more movement to “loosen” the joints.

What is the age range you work with?

We work all ages from birth to the end of life. Our chiropractors and physical therapists are capable of handling any age and most conditions. If you have something specific you wonder about feel free to call us at 816-232-5113

Why do I need to come back so frequently?

The body requires frequent activity in order to improve. The standard physiological response requires working a body part at least 3x/week for improvement. It can maintain its current state with 2x/week work. This principle carries over to chiropractic, physical therapy, and any exercise. Adjustments affect the soft tissues surrounding spinal joints much like stretching affects muscle and ligaments in the hamstring for instance. Just as we can’t only stretch a tight hamstring once and fix it we cannot only mobilize a spinal joint once and provide maximum mobility. Like repetitive stretching, each adjustment builds on the last one.

What injuries do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors primarily treat spinal conditions including: sprain/strain, arthritis, disc issues, arm and leg numbness, headache and generalized back pain.

How long will each treatment take?

Depending on whether you are seeing our chiropractors, physical therapy staff, or both this amount will be different. For a chiropractic only visit expect to be in and out of the office in 30 minutes or less. If you just see our physical therapy team plan on 45-60 minutes and if you see both it will likely be closer to 60 minutes. We strive to run on time and get you to your next appointment because we know your time is valuable.

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