A Better Way to Treat Back Pain

The May/June 2017 edition of Scientific American MIND magazine contains an excellent article entitled “Rethinking Relief” in which it states that Doctors are breaking away from opioids to treat chronic pain with non-drug remedies and psychological interventions instead.

The article states that nearly half of all overdose deaths in the US are related to opioid medication and that opioids claim almost as many lives as car crashes.

Although opioids do work well for acute pain they are not effective for most chronic (greater than 6 month duration) pain and in many cases can actually increase a patient’s pain in such instances. The Centers for Disease Control is now recommending that opioid medication is not prescribed for chronic pain unless rewards outweigh the risks.

Alternative therapies that are being studied and recommended by professionals now include: acupuncture, biofeedback, mindfulness training, yoga and physical therapy.

The good news is that those who suffer from many types of chronic pain now have options other than opioid medication. At Performance Plus Rehabilitation Center we use physical therapy and aquatic therapy to treat patients with chronic pain and see outstanding outcomes.

I would challenge you to read the article for yourself and if you or a loved one suffer from chronic pain suggest that they ask their Doctor about a treatment regimen that includes physical therapy and other recommended treatments prior to reaching for another bottle of opioid medication.

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