May is Posture Month!

May is National Posture Month. With that in mind it is a good time to check our posture! Some of the bad effects of poor posture are:

Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Low Back Pain
Spinal Degeneration and Disc Issues
Poor Circulation
To name a few!

When our posture is poor much more stress is placed on the joints and muscles of our spine which can produce acute pain as well as chronic wear and tear that can result in the symptoms above. Picture this: an increase in our low back curvature due to weak abdominal muscles will result in the anterior head carriage posture that we frequently see. With an anterior head carriage we become much more prone to neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. It is true that weak abs can cause a headache! Try it – stand up and push out your stomach by swaying your back and see what happens to your head. Your body will always attempt to keep your head over your center of gravity and will do so by pushing your neck forward. Imagine what this will do to your spine if left that way for a long time!

Stand in a mirror and look at your posture.

From the front of your ears, shoulders and hips should be level.

From the side, your head should be directly over your shoulder which should be over your hip which should be directly over your ankle.

Any variation from the above can produce pain and if you notice a variation a evaluation with one of our Chiropractors or Physical Therapists would be in order.

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