Aquatic Therapy in Northwest Missouri

Aqua Therapy Patients are assessed during exercise for proper body mechanics while using water as resistance. Equipment such as noodles, dumbbells, kick boards, and fins are used to assist with therapy.

Welcome to the water!  Performance Plus now offers patients and clients access to the numerous benefits that  pool-based rehabilitation provides.  Not only does aquatic therapy provide an excellent complementary treatment to land-based exercise, but it has also been shown to provide numerous additional benefits for a wide range of diagnoses, from post orthopedic surgery to osteoarthritis and neurological conditions.

The most recent recommendation from the American College of Rheumatology lists aquatic therapy as one of the most strongly recommended methods to treat osteoarthritis.  A similar statement by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation cites aquatic therapy, along with strength training, and balance activities, as the most beneficial means to reduce pain and improve function in patients with osteoarthritis.

Aquatic therapy utilizes the principles of buoyancy to decrease the force placed on painful joints.  As a patient is immersed deeper in the water, the amount of weight transmitted through the spine and lower extremity joints lessens as much as 85%, thus allowing patients to participate in an exercise program with less weight bearing and less pain.

Aquatic therapy not only decreases the pressure on the joints but can also assist in decreasing pain and inflammation, which in turn can allow for greater range of motion and more effective exercise.  The hydrostatic pressure exerted on the body when submerged assists the venous and lymphatic return, reducing swelling and assisting with normal circulation.  Additionally,  the warmth of the water has similar effects as other heating methods, including increased tissue extensibility and increased pain threshold, allowing for improved range of motion with typically a lower pain response.

With numerous benefits, and few adverse effects, aquatic therapy promises to be an excellent adjunct to land-based therapy, and provides patients rehabilitation opportunities that they may not otherwise have. Performance Plus will continue to provide high quality and effective physical therapy for all of our patients’ needs.