Lift Weights Without Injury

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Now that winter has set in it is a good time to focus on strength training at home or

at the gym. I was inspired to write this yesterday when I was at the gym lifting and

was watching other people workout (or try to). I noticed that many people who are

working out clearly have had no instruction on technique and are doing more harm

than good to their bodies. Here are some basic points when it comes to weight


1. Posture is critical! During all lifts it is important to engage the core muscles

in order to protect the spine.

2. All lifts should be done slowly and controlled.

3. All lifts should allow the muscles to elongate and contract fully; short, partial

lifts are not effective.

4. Trying to combine multiple movements into one lift is a recipe for disaster!

One needs to know the primary muscles used in a lift and focus on those.

5. A good warm up is important in reducing risk of injury.

6. Heavy lifts are not as effective as controlled lifts.

7. Always strengthen opposing muscles; back vs chest etc. A good rule of thumb

is that for every lift that pushes there should be a lift that pulls.

8. Three sets of 8-10 are most effective to produce muscle growth with the last

few reps difficult to do while maintaining good form.

Muscle can be gained at any age but it is important that the older one is the more

careful one is when lifting. Don’t get in a hurry and get sloppy with form as your

next workout will be with your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor! When in doubt

spend a few dollars and get instruction from a certified trainer; it will be money well


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