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May is Posture Month!

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May is National Posture Month. With that in mind it is a good time to check our posture! Some of the bad effects of poor posture are: Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Headaches Low Back Pain Spinal Degeneration and Disc Issues Poor Circulation To name a few! When our posture is poor much more stress is placed on the joints and muscles of our spine which can produce acute pain as well as chronic wear and tear that can result in the symptoms above. Picture this: an increase in our low back curvature due to weak abdominal muscles will result in the anterior head carriage posture that we frequently see. With an anterior head carriage we become much more prone to neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. It is true that weak abs can cause a headache! Try it – stand up and push out your stomach by swaying your back and see what happens to your head. Your body will always attempt to keep your head over your center of gravity and will do so by pushing your neck forward. Imagine what this will do to your spine if left that way for a long time! Stand in a mirror and look at your posture. From the front of your ears, shoulders and hips should be level. From the side, your head should be directly over your shoulder which should be over your hip which should be directly over your ankle. Any variation from the above can produce pain and if you notice a variation a evaluation with one of our Chiropractors or Physical Therapists would be in...

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How Young Is “Too Young” to Start Training?

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If you are like me, you want the best for your children and work to provide every opportunity for them to succeed in life, athletics, etc. We face enormous societal pressures to place children in competitive athletics younger and younger so they don’t “fall behind” their peers. The issue with starting children at such young ages and expecting them to specialize early (play one sport year round) is that we are seeing a scary trend of significant orthopedic injuries earlier and earlier. Recent evidence indicates that not only does early specialization create a greater degree of burnout, but it also causes children to have significantly higher rate of serious sports related injuries such as ACL tears and rotator cuff tears. The reason for these injuries is that we are stressing young, developing muscles and joints at a time when they are vulnerable. In many cases these injuries would be completely avoidable if they were placed on a proper training program and varied the type of sports they play throughout the year. The most recent evidence indicates that training methods called Integrative Neuromuscular Training are the best approach to utilize with young children and into adolescence. This training method focuses less on the specific sport and more on the fundamental movements that are a component with sports. They consist of strength and conditioning activities including resistance training, dynamic stability exercises, core focused training, plyometric drills and agility training. The most important aspect to keep in mind with this type of training is the proper form and avoidance of compensation. The other expectation is that any athlete that comes into a season “out of shape” is at a greater risk of injury. The child that plays hard for one season and then plays on their phone and barely leaves their bedroom the rest of the year will have issues. A healthy child is one that keeps active year round, that is where you can help your child succeed. Encourage your children to be kids and play tag, catch, and be outside. Your children do watch you and will adapt your habits, so a healthy lifestyle in your life will lead to a healthy lifestyle in theirs. Lead by example and get moving. We at Performance Plus Rehabilitation Center specialize in exercise, movement, and general health and wellness. Let us help you and your children lead a happy, healthy...

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Lower Back Pain

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Low back pain is responsible for over 1 in 5 visits to a Doctors office and is one of our nations most expensive healthcare issues. Combined with the prevalence of Opioid addiction of people who have chronic pain it is no surprise that more and more effort is being put in to finding an effective treatment. The good news is that current research is proving that Chiropractic Manipulation and Physical Therapy are effective ways to treat many types of low back pain. Of course we at Performance Plus Rehabilitation Centers have been using Chiropractic and Physical Therapy for years to combat low back pain! Here is how it works. Most low back pain is due to misaligned joints in the spine and the resultant lack of mobility and inflammation that it produces. Properly trained Chiropractors by using carful exam techniques and X-ray are expert in restoring proper alignment and mobility to low back (lumbar) joints. Physical Therapists are professionals in finding muscle imbalances, tightness and weakness that may have either produced the spinal alignment issues or have resulted from those issues. Our treatment method addresses all of the components necessary for a health joint: 1. Alignment 2. Flexibility 3. Strength Only when all 3 components of proper joint health are addressed will joint dysfunction and pain be overcome. The research is in: pain medication is out and Chiropractic manipulation with Physical Therapy is the most effective form of treatment for many kinds of low back...

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Summer 2013 Newsletter

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Articles: Providing Care Beyond the Cast Posture Check: Quick tips for a healthy back Injury Prevention View this document on Scribd

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